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The island Krk
The island Krk and the Croatian coastal region have a thousand year old tradition of the production of wine and sparkling wine. Back in the ancient times the wine was one of the main products of the island Krk, which at the time was inhabited by the Illyrian tribe of Liburnians. Our broader region became famous for the first time for the wine “pucinum”.
Pliny the Elder
Pliny the Elder writes about it in the 1. Century: “Julia Augusta lived for 86 years thanks to this wine. She never tasted any other. It grows in the bay of the Adriatic Sea, on a mountain slope where the sea breeze blows. Only a small number of amphorae are produced, and it is believed to be the best for the production of remedies. ”
The tradition
The tradition was continued by the Croats, which is confirmed by the vine leaves engraved in the famous stone plate of Baška made by Benedictines. In the 18 century the well-known travel writer Alberto Fortis wrote that “20 000 barili wine are exported every year from the island of Krk, and the wine from the basin of Baška is reputed to be the best.”

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