Katunar panorama


The island Krk and the Croatian coastal region have a thousand year old tradition of the production of wine and sparkling wine. Back in the ancient times the wine was one of the main products of the island Krk, which at the time was inhabited by the Illyrian tribe of Liburnians. Our broader region became famous for the first time for the wine “pucinum”.

Pliny the Elder writes about it in the 1. Century: “Julia Augusta lived for 86 years thanks to this wine. She never tasted any other. It grows in the bay of the Adriatic Sea, on a mountain slope where the sea breeze blows. Only a small number of amphorae are produced, and it is believed to be the best for the production of remedies.”

The tradition was continued by the Croats, which is confirmed by the vine leaves engraved in the famous stone plate of Baška made by Benedictines.
In the 18 century the well-known travel writer Alberto Fortis wrote that “20 000 barili wine are exported every year from the island of Krk, and the wine from the basin of Baška is reputed to be the best.”

Under the assumption that one barile is equal to 200 l, it means that the people from Krk yearly exported 4 000 000 l of wine (not to mention the wine for their own consumption). Nowadays there are no more than 1 500 000 l produced on the whole island.

According to our data, before the phylloxera epidemic there were 4 500 ha of vineyards on the island, nowadays there are only 150 ha.

KATUNAR ESTATE WINERY continues the family tradition of viticulture and winemaking.

The evidence in the land register entries as well as the one of the older wine archives on the island prove the hundred year old winemaking tradition of the Katunar family, which blossomed in the 90s of the past century.

The winemaking business of the Katunar family was at first tied to the agricultural cooperatives - like any other winemaking business in the area until the end of the 80s. Until 1990 it was the only option for business.

In the 90s, during the boom of winemaking, the winery invests in new technologies – it combines the traditional winemaking of the island with new practices. Among the first wineries in Croatia it introduced the controlled cold fermentation, purchased new oak barrels made of Slavonian oak and, as the only winery in Croatia, mastered the Charmat method (Tank method) in the production of sparkling wines.

After the making of the first Croatian semi-sparkling wine, the winery began planting new vineyards at the old wine-growing location Supele near Baška on the island Krk.

The wine production of the ESTATE WINERY relies mainly on own grapes, because the Katunar family owns over 200 000 vines at two locations: in the Vrbnik field and in the basin of Baška.

The winery, where the processing of the grapes, storage and filling in bottles is done, is located at the edge of the Vrbnik field.

The ESTATE WINERY has large surface areas under vine and large production capacities for Croatian and island circumstances, but on the international scale it is considered a smaller boutique-winery and as such it is successful in expanding its presence on the international market.

Further progress and the improvement of quality is planned to be achieved through own ecological grape production on typical locations, autochthonous wine sorts and traditional art of winemaking.