Baška Valley
Baška Valley

Vineyard on location Supele, St. Lucy is characterized by ideal winegrowing conditions. It is located on the 45th parallel, the famous 'wine latitude', on a limestone slope, covered with sandy sediments. Vine grows on altitude that ranges from 50-200 meters, with inclinations from 5 – 30%.

It’s ideal orientation that is South by Southwest, its proximity to the sea, ideal windiness make ecological cultivation possible. For that reasons vines growing there require minimal (2-3 times a year) or no spraying treatments at all. Microclimate of Baska valley, with its number of sun hours, inclination, solar reflection from the sea and from limestone mountains enables above-average insolation, and advanced vegetation for its geographical location.

Soil is a mixture of red earth, sand and limestone. Soil has a high Ph, and often salty, due to seaborne winds. Vines are planted in extra-high density setting – 8000 plants per hectare, that makes the number of vines in this single vineyard exceed 200 000.

Varieties growing in this vineyard are:

White - Žlahtina (autochthonous variety from Krk)
Red - Debejan, Sansigot, Kamenina (autochthonous varieties from Krk)
- Plavac Mali (autochthonous Croatian variety)
- Syrah, Grenache, Merlot

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Vrbnik field
Vrbnik field

Vrbnik vineyards are atypical winegrowing positions, located in a depression, one kilometer from the sea, and in the vicinity of Velebit mountains.

Žlahtina – the autochthonous white variety has successfully adapted to this conditions. Characteristics of the location include big day-night temperature differences, soil is yellow, with layers of clay.

Vineyards located there are resistant to droughts. Vines are planted there in high density – with 4-5000 plants per hectare.

Varieties growing in these vineyards:

- Žlahtina (autochthonous variety from Krk )