The connoisseurs say that sparkling wines are the crown of wine production. Our wine BISER MORA (Sea pearl) is surely one of shiniest pearls in the crown of our wines. Since it has a natural pressure of only 2 bars, and it is placed in the category of semi-sweet wines, we may say that it is a typical wine for ladies. But, if it is well chilled, it can be consumed by gentlemen as a morning drink 'after two' coffees, or as a discreet supplement with desert after a light summer lunch, as well as an aperitif, a wine with desert or canapé sandwiches.

It can be well-paired in cocktails.
It is the first Croatian pearl wine.
The Italians call it 'frizzante', the Germans say 'perlwein', and the French 'petillant'.
We recommend it served chilled at 6C in a n elegant glass for sparkling wines.